A seascape artist following both passions of surfing and painting in an endless search of the perfect wave to surf and paint.

Growing up in the city of Port Phillip, right on the Melbourne coastline, Adam has been addicted to drawing and surfing waves since the age of 6. Fascinated by the ocean’s immersive energy and innate calm, his works often lend themselves to the most expansive horizons and the deepest depths, where the views, as well as the possibilities, remain endless.

With an uninhibited approach to colour, Adam’s seascapes bear a uniquely paradisiacal quality that reveres his time-honoured relationship with the water. In addition to canvas, he has translated his distinctive style onto surf, snow and skateboards, corrugated iron and wine barrels.

Adam’s work has won a number of Australian art prizes and has been viewed in both domestic and international exhibitions. He currently paints from his home gallery in Torquay, Victoria and is available for commissions upon request.